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The authorized capital of the Company is 4,741,500 euros, which is divided into 16,350,000 ordinary registered shares (hereinafter referred to as ORS), the par value of one share being 0.29 euros.  The total number of shares carrying the voting rights is 16,350,000. All shares are intangible and fully paid. The property right for the shares is proved by the record in the stock accounts. On 31  December  2016 the total number of the shareholders of the Company was 1660.
Changes in Panevezio statybos trestas AB and OMX Vilnius Benchmark GI indexes in 2016

Variation in the price of the Company shares at the Stock Exchange  Nasdaq Vilnius market in 2016 (Euros)

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The decision to pay dividends is taken and the amount to be paid as a dividend is set by the General Meeting of the Shareholders. The company pays the allocated dividends within 1 month from the date when decision on profit appropriation has been taken.
The persons who were the shareholders of the company at the end of the tenth business day from the General Meeting of the Shareholders that had adopted the relevant decision are entitled to the dividends. Dividends are taxable in accordance with the Law on Income Tax of Individuals and Law on Corporate Income Tax of the Republic of Lithuania.

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Panevezio statybos trestas AB Is Going to Build Kaunas Waste to Energy Power Plant in Kaunas

Panevezio statybos trestas AB, being successful at the international tender for public procurement of civil construction works, and a joint venture of state owned  Lietuvos energija UAB and Fortum Heat Lietuva UAB, Kauno kogeneracine jegaine UAB, has signed the contract for construction of Kaunas Waste to Energy Power Plant in Kaunas.


Company Has Been Awarded Gold Medal for Shopping and Leisure Centre Mega

On 15 December 2017 the awards of the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2017 were officially distributed at the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

The clock is built by PST employees!