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Renovation of Multistorey Apartment Buildings at Marijonų Str. 31 and 31A in Panevėžys

About the project

After renovation the tenants enjoy comfortable life and warmth, low power consumption, low costs and absolutely different appearance of the apartment building. In Panevėžys, these buildings are considered as an example and standard of modern renovation. They were analysed by the scientists of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, the Apartment Building Co-Owners Association signed an agreement with Panevėžys College, which will use the boiler house located in the building as a thermal process monitoring laboratory. Currently the documents are processed to have the apartment buildings included into the European Representative Construction Registry. They are now using just nearly 36 per cents of the former needs – energy savings are up to 64 per cents. The scope of the project included thermal insulation of façade and socle using German certified external thermal insulation system for external enclosures. There were 1830 square meters of façade heat insulation and approximately 300 square meters of socle heat insulation carried out, the sloped roof was repaired by replacing and inserting wood structures, and replacing the roofing. The asbestos slating was replaced by corrugated asbestos-free sheets. In total 1200 square meters of the roof were renewed, attic and roof structures were cleaned from the layer of old slag, new thermal insulation of rock wool was laid. 


Apartment Building Co-Owners Association for the apartment buildings at Marijonai Str. 31 and 31A

Project completed

In 2012

Panevezio statybos trestas AB Is Going to Build Kaunas Waste to Energy Power Plant in Kaunas

Panevezio statybos trestas AB, being successful at the international tender for public procurement of civil construction works, and a joint venture of state owned  Lietuvos energija UAB and Fortum Heat Lietuva UAB, Kauno kogeneracine jegaine UAB, has signed the contract for construction of Kaunas Waste to Energy Power Plant in Kaunas.


Company Has Been Awarded Gold Medal for Shopping and Leisure Centre Mega

On 15 December 2017 the awards of the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2017 were officially distributed at the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

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