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The Company comprises the following branches: Gerbusta, Pastatų apdaila, Genranga Klaipstata, Betonas, Konstrukcija, Stogas. These branches keep separate records, but their assets, liabilities and financial results are included when preparing financial accountability of the Company. The company has its a permanent establishment registered in the Kingdom of Sweden and Latvia. The financial year of the Company is the calendar year. The main activity of the Company and its subsidiaries (hereinafter "the Group" is designing and construction of various buildings, structures, facilities, comunications and other similar objects in Lithuania and abroad, real estate development. In addition to the list activities the Company rents out premises and equipment. As of 31 December 2016 the Group includes the parent company and 12 subsidiaries:

Subsidiaries Type of activities Share controlled
(per cent)
 Skydmedis UAB  Production and building/assembling of timber frame panel/element houses 100
 Metalo meistrai UAB  Production of metal constructions 100
 Vekada UAB  Electrical installation works 95,6
  Alinita UAB
  Heating, ventilation and conditioning systems in building 100
  PST Nordic AB  Construction works 100
 KINGSBUD Sp.ZO.O.  Intermediation services
 PS Trests SIA  Construction works 100
“PST un ARMS“ PS Reconstruction works 50
 Teritorija OOO  Real estate development 87,5
 Baltlitstroij OOO  Construction works 100
Seskines projektai UAB Real estate development 100
 PST investicijos UAB  Real estate development 68

Company Has Been Awarded Gold Medal for Shopping and Leisure Centre Mega

On 15 December 2017 the awards of the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2017 were officially distributed at the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

The clock is built by PST employees!