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75 Per Cents of Premises Occupied in Business Centre U219

The three quarters of the premises for lease have already been occupied in the Business Centre U219 opened in Vilnius last September. Companies working in the field of logistics, construction and information technologies as well as a public sector organization are among the last tenants.  

New to join the business centre is CPO LT VsI that will run its business in the premises covering the area of more than 1000 square meters, in the nearest future Panevezio keliai AB, a logistics company Manvesta and Corner Case Technologies, a company providing IT product services, will also move into the centre. The latter companies will occupy more than 600 square meters of the office space each.

The list of the previous tenants of U219 includes Lietuvos gelezinkeliai AB, the largest private pharmaceutical company in the world Boehringer Ingelheim, Danish engineering company Danfoss, restaurant and cinema management company Apollo Group, mobile game creation studio Estoty Vilnius. There is also a café Sugamour, a lunch restaurant Lunch Up, etc. in the building of the business centre. The Vilnius Office of PST is also situated here.