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Merger of Subsidiary Companies

Two subsidiary companies of Panevezio statybos trestas AB (PST), Hustal UAB (hereinafter Hustal) and Metalo meistrai UAB (hereinafter Metalo meistrai) are in the process of merging. The activities of both companies overlap to a considerable extent – both of them carry out the works related to engineering, production and sales of steel structures for various industries, therefore merger is aimed for optimizing processes and making them more efficient. Hustal is merged with Metalo meistrai, the company with more than two decades of experience. When merger is completed, Hustal will cease its operation and Metalo meistrai will continue operating after taking over the name, assets, rights and liabilities of Hustal.


The changes related to reorganization of the companies are expected to be completed in the near future, in compliance with the deadlines, procedure and other requirements set by the Law on Companies of the Republic of Lithuania and other applicable legislation.


More information:

Managing Director

Egidijus Urbonas

Tel.: (+370 45) 505 503