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Seskines projektai UAB

Seskines projektai UAB

The main project under development is the Business Centre U219 in Ukmerges Street in Vilnius. This project has a great perspective in terms of both - location, which is close to the city centre, and multifunctional use of the premises as to be competitive in the market today the owners of offices have to offer the best product possible.  

The biggest distinction of the Business Centre U219 lies in unique architectural and engineering solutions typical only to the business centres of top quality. The building includes offices, leisure areas, cafes-restaurants and commercial premises. A functional, comfortable and high-quality work environment will made the extra benefit for company employees.

Development of the business centre is taking place in the commercial plot covering 72 ares, neighbouring Ukmerges Street on the Seskine Hill, therefore the future business centre will not only be easily accessible but also perfectly visible, and its tenants will enjoy the panorama of Vilnius.

More information www.u219.lt



Gediminas Bujokas

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Ukmergės str. 219, LT-07152 Vilnius