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Business centre Panevezys

Business centre Panevezys

If you are looking for premises for an office or commerce, find Business Centre Panevezys in the location, which is strategically convenient for business and situated in a prestigious part of Panevezys – in the downtown at Laisves Square 26. The tenants of offices and commercial premises may use the premises in the Business Centre equipped to their wishes and needs. 

Business Centre Panevezys attracts not only by a good ratio of the rental fee and quality but also by a perfect location: the Business Centre is situated in the very downtown of Panevezys. The most important objects of the town and, what is most important, institutions important for business development – hotels, Panevezys City and District Municipalities, banks, insurance companies, etc. are situated in the neighbourhood. The location is easily accessible by car or public transport. 

There is a private car parking near the building owned by the Business Centre Panevezys.

More information www.vcp.lt


Real estate rental project manager

Inga Backoviene

Tel. +37061914680

E-mail: ibackoviene@pst.lt


P. Puzino g. 1, LT - 35173 Panevezys