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Kaunas Waste to Energy Power Plant

About project

Panevezio statybos trestas AB, being successful at the international tender for public procurement of civil construction works, and a joint venture of state owned Lietuvos energija UAB and Fortum Heat Lietuva UAB, Kauno kogeneracine jegaine UAB, have signed the contract for construction of Kaunas Waste to Energy Power Plant and started working in Kaunas.

This is a high-efficiency waste-fired combined cycle power plant with the electric power output of approx. 24 MW and heat output of approx. 70 MW. Such capacities will allow a rational use of around 200,000 tons of municipal waste generated in the region after sorting and generate about 500 GWh of heat and about 170 GWh of power annually. It will be possible to produce approximately 40 percent of heat demand in Kaunas and electric power required for about 94,000 dwelling places. It will help to solve the problem of waste storage in landfills.

The construction works are performed in an intense manner: the excavation, which is more than 12 meters deep for the waste bunker has been completed, concreting of the fuel bunker for municipal and industrial waste storage has been started and most of the piles on which the entire power plant will rest have been driven.

In autumn 2018, installation of the boiler building foundation, concreting of the main bunker wall (up to 22.5 meters above the ground level) and concreting of the highest part of the power plant – a 52 meter stairwell have been completed. This stairwell is special for the reason that in future it will become the main artery to access different power plant levels for equipment service and maintenance in the power plant.

Client: Kauno kogeneracine jegaine UAB

Scheduled completion: summer 2020