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Panevezio statybos trestas AB Will Reconstruct Latvia University of Agriculture in Jelgava

Panevezio statybos trestas AB together with the partner ARMS Group SIA has signed the contract with the Latvia University of Agriculture for reconstruction of the Jelgava Palace. The value of the works to be performed by the company will amount to nearly 5 mln. Euros, VAT excluded. 

The project will include reconstruction of the palace façade, replacement of windows, doors, installation of new ventilation and electrical systems. 

The Jelgava Palace is one of the most outstanding cultural and historical monuments in Europe – it is the largest palace located in the Baltic countries. The premises of the palace cover approximately 2.2 hectares. There are 669 rooms, 674 windows, 615 doors in the palace and 25 chimneys on the roof. At the palace is occupied by the Latvia University of Agriculture and Jelgava History and Art Museum. 


Contact person

Dalius Gesevicius

Managing Director

Tel. (+370 45) 505 503