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PST Entrusted with Construction of New Shopping Centre Senukai in Vilnius

Panevezio statybos trestas AB (PST) has signed the contract for construction of the building for the new shopping centre Senukai in Vilnius. It will be located in the area of shopping and entertainment centres to be created next to the Pilaite Neighbourhood near Pilaite Avenue and Western Bypass. The project value exceeds 7 mln. Euros (incl. VAT).

The contract has been signed with the future owner of the building – Delta turtas UAB (KS Holding Group). The construction activities will be started this February with completion scheduled in November. They will include construction of the shopping premises covering the gross floor area of approx. 9600 square meters, territory landscaping, pedestrian and bicycle paths, driveways. A parking lot for 225 cars is planned next to the shopping centre.

The ground floor of the building will be equipped with trade, storage and auxiliary premises, and the mezzanine office will house administrative offices. There is also an outdoor exhibition area nearby, where seasonal trade in plants and other goods will take place.



More information:

Managing Director

Egidijus Urbonas

Tel.: (+370 45) 505 503