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Joint Centre for Life Sciences

About project

Vilnius University has a new building of the Joint Centre for Life Sciences (JCLS) covering the total area of 24 thousand square meters at Saulėtekio Avenue 9 near the already built of Science Communication and Information Centre. The JCLS will be adapted for scientific research and studies.

The JGMC project is implemented by the Vilnius University and its partners – Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and Institute of Oncology at the Vilnius University. The main goal of this project is to create a research and study centre for life sciences, which will be used for research, studies and process development of biotechnology and molecular medicine.

The employees of the Joint Centre for Life Sciences are basically the scientists from the Institutes of Biotechnology and Biochemistry and Department of Natural Sciences at the Vilnius University. This project is nearly the only project of the valley programs implemented in Lithuania where one of the top priorities is solution of youth problems and development of world-wide compatible studies. Implementation of the JCLS project will make prerequisites for larger direct foreign investments in Lithuania, creation of new innovative business, stopping of brain drain, encouraging brain return and creation of new work places especially for young people.


Vilnius University

Project completion:

In 2015